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At HIDEF we offer an innovative and unified approach to wellness and performance. We strategically merge physical therapy, personal training, nutrition coaching, and mindset training to bring you a service that is unmatched in the health and wellness space. We offer flexible scheduling for our services and will meet you at our gym, your home, or office.

We use this integrated approach in order to optimize your health to both recover from injury and increase your performance. Using our unique and research based approach, we help clients realize their true potential.

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Our Mission

Is to bring you personalized physical therapy, fitness, nutrition, wellness, and mindset programs that work for your life. Our goal is to help you be fit for anything, and fit for everything.



Dr. Zach Smith, PT, DPT

Zach is a Doctor of Physical Therapy with a bachelors degree in exercise science. Zach uses a fully integrated approach to training through the unique use of both physical therapy and exercise science principals to help clients perform at their optimal level while avoiding injury.


Mitch Harb, CSCS

Mitch is a National Academy of Sports Medicine Certified Personal Trainer and Certified Nutrition Coach who believes it’s all about the “easy wins” when it comes to fitness/ health success. Mitch doesn’t preach any particular diet or training but rather helps people find what works best for them.



We offer a variety of services to fit your goals and schedule.

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Katie Bishop

Katie is a Nutritional Coaching Institute Certified Nutrition Coach. Her passion is sharing information to help educate people on how to develop a healthy mindset and connection with nutrition and fitness that empowers them to make genuine, sustainable change.


Dr. Justin Sweeney, PT, DPT, OMT

Justin’s background in psychology and performance movement has had a large influence on his approach to physical therapy treatment. Combining functional movement, manual therapy, implicit learning via environmental setups, and helping his patient’s set and overcome self-determined obstacles; Justin is determined to promote optimal health for all of his patients so that they have the tools to thrive beyond baseline. 


Sean Garvey, CSCS

Sean Garvey is from Louisville, Kentucky. Since a young age he has been passionate about health and fitness. He finds fitness incredibly rewarding and equally interesting in for his own health journey. As a trainer, Sean's goal is to use fitness to help people feel good about themselves and be comfortable and strong in their own bodies. 


My wife and I started training 2x weekly with Mitch and the improvement in fitness and strength has been tremendous. It’s a very thoughtful, practical, customized program with just the right amount of pushing. I also started PT work with Zach for an unrelated back injury and it’s great that they can tailor the workout program in partnership with my PT work.


HIDEF is AMAZING! I've been getting treatment from Dr. Zach for a couple of months. I injured my lower back, keens and, shoulders badly from a bad fall in Nov last year. Zach is extremely knowledgeable, patient and practical. He customizes my treatment plan and even connects with my personal trainer regarding my condition for workouts. With his help, I'm fully recovered and back to the gym compared to not being able to walk a while ago. I plan to continue seeing him for the recovery/treatment after lifting even I don't have injury anymore.


Mitch, Katie, and Zach are a dream team! I've had nagging imbalances and posture issues that have been quite painful, and I've been treated for in various ways for YEARS. I have improved more in just a few weeks than I ever have, and I am completely blown away. Mitch's workouts are amazingly effective, and I never feel over-exerted or strained. But he's pushed me in the best way and showed me I could do things that I would've never attempted. I trust his opinion and expertise completely. I've probably been a problem client for Katie, who's been helping me with nutrition, but she's been SO INCREDIBLE at reframing my perspective, and showing me how to actually live with the changes I want to make. I just started Zach's treatment after 1 eval and am so pumped and excited and already feel better. With the 3 of them, I've felt stronger, healthier, and more balanced than I thought possible. Phenomenal!

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