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The vast majority the people we talk with are doing workouts, nutrition, and physical therapy that are inefficient and waste valuable time

We see people spending too much time in the gym and not getting the result they worked so hard for.

We are tired of people wasting time and money riding a bike in a physical therapy clinic and having someone just watch you do exercises you could do by yourself.

We also see people that are working off of terrible nutritional information they got from someone random online and people who are paying tons for an 8 week program that leaves them no better than where they started.


This method is for those of you who want a plan to master your physical health. Our method revolutionizes the physical therapy, personal training, and the nutrition process in an easy to understand framework.

What you get from this resource

A structured method to create your workout program for max results

A method to independently work on injury prevention

Examples of exercises, mobility movements, and nutritional guidance



I would definitely recommend HIDEF SEATTLE. Both Zach and Mitch are super knowledgeable. If you are wanting to get in shape and be the healthiest you have ever been, they are the ones to go to. They can help you get back on track. I am so grateful for all of their help and guidance. Mitch is an awesome coach!!


HIDEF SEATTLE is the real deal. I highly recommend Mitch and Zach as they are the trifecta of fitness in the Pacific NorthWest. They incorporate nutrition, fitness and functional rehab that is targeted to meet an individuals needs and goals. I've been working with Mitch for 6 months now and every session he brings a great deal of diversity to my workouts and consistently challenges and encourages me to push myself both physically and mentally. I appreciate you guys for continuing to inspire me in my fitness journey!


They helped me achieved my fitness goals. I was new to the gym and incorrect practices caused me severe pain. Dr. Zach helped me reduce the pain and develop better practices, while Mitch kept me in shape and extend my abilities. They also helped me by giving me the tools to grow, such as diet and home training regimes.

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