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Personal Training

Choosing HIDEF personal fitness training means you will receive individualized training from our certified personal trainer Mitch. Mitch places an emphasis on evidenced based practice to maximize each session and get you to your goals quickly.

Small Group Training

Mitch has years of experience training in the group fitness setting. Small group training is a great way to reach your fitness goals with your friends and family in a cost effective way.

Online Programming

Not in the greater Seattle area? Mitch also offers online coaching to help you set up the ideal workout program to get you to your goals.

Your first visit with our team will include a comprehensive movement screen followed by a workout and movement programming based on your goals and the result of your movement screen.



Each individual will get a custom workout each session that is designed specifically for you by our expert team.


Mitch is a certified personal trainer with advanced training in exercise and functional movement. We test and refine our knowledge through weekly training and continued education


Science based program design to help you reach your goals in the shortest, most efficient time possible.

Measured Results

We keep detailed notes in order to track results and optimize our programming in order to get you the results you deserve.

Mitch has experience working with people of all levels from all walks of life. From athlete to weekend warrior to those of you looking to lose weight, Mitch is the trainer for you. Mitch integrates aspects of HIDEF wellness in order to accomplish your goals and keep you safe in the gym.

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