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Choosing HIDEF Physical Therapy means 1-ON-1 care with one of our doctors of physical therapy. This allows focused attention on each patient in order to maximize each session. Each session is personalized to you as an individual to meet your needs in real time.

Mobile Physical Therapy

HIDEF offers mobile, in home or office physical therapy within the greater Seattle area. Services are also offered out of our partner gym locations in Seattle. Request an appointment for more information on the locations we cover. Skip the commute, we will come to you!

Sports & Orthopedics

We have therapists that specialize in sports and orthopedic related conditions. We provides rehab and wellness services for the entire body and we always treat the body as a whole. Injured or not, our doctors of physical therapy will help you optimize your movement and your body.




Sports injuries occur even in the most conditioned, professional athlete. Repetitive stress and overuse can lead to a season ending injury. Traumatic injuries can threaten a person’s ability to return the sport(s) they love.

We have experience working with athletes from all sports and levels. From weekend warriors to professional athletes, we have the physical therapist for you! Through our ability to provide mobile physical therapy, we are able to take athletes to the field, court, or arena of their sport and work on sports specific rehab.


Orthopedic injuries can occur for a variety of reasons. Whether it be a lifting injury, a fall, a motor vehicle accident, surgery, or chronic pain, we can create a therapeutic program that works for you. We believe in addressing the root cause of dysfunction and pain while simultaneously addressing symptoms in order to get you back to doing the things you love as fast as possible.


Your initial HIDEF Session includes a comprehensive body assessment and a personalized plan, followed by a combination of manual therapy and movement programming.


We believe in educating each individual on their condition and sharing our knowledge in order for you to get the most out of each treatment and to gain a better understanding of your body. 


Our therapists use the latest in evidence based treatments to provide the highest level of care available. Our therapists have experience with all levels of  individuals and work with all conditions from head to toe. Our therapists participate in weekly training in skills and knowledge to ensure we are at the top of the industry.


Athletes who receive sports therapy will have a tailored, sport specific program. We use biomechanical analysis to create programs based around manual therapy, functional movement training and dynamic exercises to address balance, proprioception, strength, and mobility.


We use up to date, science backed treatment strategies to help athletes return to sport at full function. We use data to measure success and adapt our treatment strategies to perfect your program.

We use an innovative, integrated treatment approach to combine hands on manual therapy, exercise, neuromuscular reeducation, and functional movement training in order to improve range of motion, mobility, balance, and strength. Each session you will be taken through our revolutionary treatment approach. We customize the contents of each step to match your specific needs and level of ability.


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Manual therapy to reset range of motion, muscle length, and joint mobility


Prescribed exercise to improve flexibility, mobility, and strength


Neuromuscular reeducation to retrain motor patterns, improve quality of muscle contraction, and improve balance and proprioception


Movement training to improve functional ability and ensure carry over to daily life and sport

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